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Faith Under Fire  "Life changes when your faith is rocked  and your foundation  is turned upside down."  The story of the first mass shooting in a church in the U.S. that took place in Daingerfield, TX.

The true story of a community's struggle with loss and devastation after a former school teacher opens fire during a church service on a Sunday morning in East Texas in 1980. Thirty years after that tragic day, survivors share their journey to live with trauma that few experience. With candor and vulnerability they open up about revenge, loss of faith, pain of loss, forgiveness, and the way they relive that day every time we experience a public shooting today. 

With honesty and transparency they share their feelings on the questions  "Why did God allow this to happen?" and "Can we trust Him again?"  With heart piercing emotion they remember the moments four valiant men raced into the face of bullets with no thought of their own lives, making a way for 350 people to fulfill their lives.

The wife and daughter of the murderer also reveal family secrets that led to the massacre.

"Faith Under Fire" tells the story of that day more accurately and clearly than any of us could have imagined. I believe this film will become known as one of the great inspirational films of our time. I believe Faith Under Fire is a "must see" for people everywhere -- people of faith, people seeking faith, and people hurting in their faith."  Dr. Tim Wade, pastor First Baptist Church Daingerfield, Texas.

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